About Us


CEMİLEFENDİ, which started its production life with its boutique production area located in İzmir in the early 2000s, continues to produce herbal food and cosmetic products in its factory that designed in GMP and HACCP standards, which has a closed area of 6000 m2 in Turgutlu/Manisa.

The products produced within our company, which has adopted the understanding of quality as its principle, are pure and natural. All of the raw materials we use during production are of the highest quality, and they are at the highest rates in terms of providing maximum benefit in the product content.

Our products are produced under the supervision of our engineers, by our expert employees, in a completely hygienic environment and in our modern facility in accordance with the requirements of the age, using all the possibilities of technology. We have one of the most modern production facilities in the industry with our 6000 m2 closed area and 4000 m2 open area.


To meet consumer expectations at the highest level with a wide product range by providing the right price-quality ratio.


To become the most admired and most preferred brand of the sector by creating high quality, different and innovative products, bringing our products together with consumers all over the world as well as in Turkey.


In addition to our ever-increasing production activities, we follow the developments of the era and develop new and innovative products. We continue all our production and R&D activities without compromising our understanding of quality.


We continue to be the locomotive of the industry with our ever-increasing exports to countries in the Middle East and North Africa such as Morocco, Egypt, Iran, Qatar, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, as well as to European countries such as Germany, England, Bosnia and Herzegovina and France.